Ed Ley



Neuroscience research has opened a door that has never before been opened. We can now see into the brain and understand how it guides our rational and seemingly irrational behaviours and change them to support how we wish to feel and the things we wish to achieve in life.

All of our actions, emotions and behaviours are habits. Our habits are a product of something happening in the brain. The brain is a survival machine. All change is perceived by the brain as a threat to survival, we don’t get to change our habits until the brain feels safe




A habit is formed when a new behaviour in adopted by the Basal ganglia in the brain. This occurs when the brain deems the new behaviour to be a more easy, effective, fun, fulfilling method for achieving what it most values. This principle above all else must inform any new action we wish to continue for the long term. Determination or will power will never be enough, in fact the need for them is a red flag that a habit will not be formed around the new action.




Our values are the emotional drivers gathered across our lives that unconsciously guide our actions. Neuroscience research has discovered that our decisions are made 11 seconds before we believe we have consciously made a decision. I believe we will soon discovered it is significantly longer.

Our habits, priorities, self worth, success, relationships, fun, fulfilment, health, and happiness are an expression of our values and our alignment with them.




Our brain and body are wired to thrive. When we are experiencing less than optimal physical and or mental performance is because the brain has detected a real or perceived internal or external threat.

Transformation can happen lightening fast when we locate and remove the threat. We don’t need to upgrade our car, we need to locate and release the breaks.




“It’s easier to act your way into a new way of thinking than to think your way into a new way of acting”

Our brain has already decided what we will do 11 seconds (that we know of) before our conscious mind catches up and thinks it’s made the decision.

In order to re-wire our brain to prefer a difference action we must act upon our new value structure. We must allow our emotional brain to see what our logical brain has already seen. This requires courage.