Ed Ley



Mastery comes from building and implementing our own body and mind user manual. If we have a definitive answer to the question if this then that we are always in a positive to overcome every challenge we take responsibility for.

Stress, low energy, poor health markers come from simply not having your own user manual. ie not understanding how they work.

That’s what I do.

I help you create and implement your own body and mind user manual.




Learning is clumsy and messy and uncomfortable.  It requires that we willingly embrace being a beginner over and over again. When we are willing to not be good at something and keep going until we are competent and then keep going until we are good that’s when we win. 

To change your reality in any way you must learn new skills. If nothing changes, nothing changes.  




A habit is formed when an action gets adopted by the Basel Ganglia in the brain to become almost involuntary like brushing your teeth. 

We are a product of our habits not of the actions that we take when we have the free time. 

Habits require Attention, Intention, Repetition, at the core of my programmes and my message is the building of new habits of thinking and acting that can enhance physical and mental performance. 




Small daily positive action leads to accumulation which leads to a tipping point where performance begins to constantly grow and develop. When we discover that it is always the small actions that matter most we become addicted to progress.




Health and Fitness are such incredibly vague concepts that they are difficult to measure without comparison or ill health. 

The currency we are really after when we talk about health and fitness is more energy. 

More energy for mental challenges like decision making, negotiating, public speaking or learning. Challenges that we often turn from when energy is low.

More energy for physical challenges like play and fitness and adventure and holding your posture and simple day to day activities, the energy and freedom of movement of a child.  My programmes are all about growth of energy for the long term.