About Ed Ley

Fitness + Coaching

It'll sound funny reading this but it was in a way, neuroscience that led me here. 


Not here writing this but here as in Denmark, Copenhagen, Charlottenlund, near the sea and the trees and my wife's family, to my idea of paradise. 


I was a personal trainer 14 years ago when I completed my degree in Sport Conditioning, coaching and rehabilitation. 


I could treat injuries and I did, with someone of the UK's top therapists. 


I could train people to achieve amazing results and I did, with some of the UK's top trainers. 


I worked for years with incredible Physiotherapist, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Strength coaches, Doctors, and nutritionists. 


I trained professional athletes, law firm partners, accountants, entrepreneurs and CEO's.


I was constantly searched for more knowledge- I learned about treatment after treatment, therapy after therapy, cure after cure but always treating the symptoms. Often very successfully but always feeling like there was a better way. 


A wanted to treat injuries faster, I wanted help people to move past their stress more easily, I wanted to help people achieve their weight loss goals without the need for such discipline all of the time, I wanted to help people to raise their performance in all areas more quickly. 


Then I discovered neuroscience, I went on courses, found mentors, read paper after paper and slowly but surely things started to fall into place. 


I realised that every symptom, everything that happened in the body is a product of something happening in the brain. 


I have learned how to help people take control of stress, how to fix injuries, how to improve strength, flexibility, body fat percentage and energy with only the smallest of changes. 


I have also learned that the life our brain and our health wants for us is also the life we want for ourselves filled with achievement and discovery and beauty and play and connection and the more we can build that the more we are rewarded with health and energy. 


I now work with CEO's to help them optimise physical and mental performance in way that fits the life they want.


Using my programmes and systems I’ve helped CEO’s, entrepreneurs and business owners and their businesses to have more freedom, fun, fulfilment and financial success.

I do through 1-2-1 work, 1 day retreats, and in-company coaching again 1-2-1 and workshops.

I would highly recommend Ed to anyone who is serious about wanting results
— Neal Quinn

I’ve written two books, I’ve spoken at Tedx.  I’ve opened and built a successful personal training, gym and healthcare centre in Bristol's business quarter and sold it in 2017.   

That’s me and my family below doing our very best to appear like a professional photographer just stumbled upon us having a great time. 

Thank you so much for reading this far, I sincerely hope you find something in my work that will positively impact your health and happiness. 


I hope you enjoy my mini blogs of my adventures or even my 30 day habit building programmes or if you want to get in touch just head over to the contact page a ping me an email.