I help business leaders to optimise physical and mental performance 


Ok, so I have no fancy sales words for you here. You know what it is that has motivated you to come to this page. You either have a physical or mental challenge that you are looking to overcome or you are looking for a performance upgrade.

My programmes are clear, simple and 100% supported by science. I work and have worked with some of the Denmark’s and the UK’s most respected CEO’s and Start up founders who will be happy to provide a reference on request.

If you would like to speak further and discover the specific approach I would recommend for you then get in touch and we can have a coffee and a chat.

Ed is a super performance coach. We started collaborating, in a period of stress for me, where I needed some tools to fix it and get into the right mindset.
Now a couple of months later, I’ve got the right toolbox I needed and is something I’ll take with me the rest of my life.
I Highly recommend Ed, who in his approach works with the entire neuro part, which is where it all starts and ends.
— Rasmus Pajbjerg Entrepreneur @Bettingfamily.com
“This year has been absolutely wild for our company and its growth. Ed gave me a bunch of tools that were invaluable in making good decisions while under a mountain of pressure. He also didn’t murder me every time I was late or forgot an appointment. Which helps. Couldn’t recommend his whole day sessions enough.”
— Ian Moore COO Empirical Spirits
“It has always been a challenge to balance a busy work and family life with a sufficient fitness schedule. Over the past three months, Ed has shown me how to effectively overcome this challenge, and the results have far exceeded what I have ever achieved.
— Claus Rydkjær Leadership | Business Strategy | Growth | Intrapreneuring | Innovation | Digital | Transformation | Turnaround | Change
I have more energy, fewer injuries and I’m fitter than I’ve been in 20 years, Ed gets results without major time sacrifice
— Neil Kennedy CEO Crediton Dairy 

Kind Regards 

Ed Ley 

He gets results
— Conrad Davies Partner Osborne Clarke