Why can't people just stick to the rules?

it's so frustrating... 


Board games have descended on our house hold this year. 


I'm really looking forward to getting the girls into chess although that might be wishful thinking. 


I can't get Annabelle to stop bending or changing the rules...


I resisted it for quite a while and then

I had a moment of out of body experience,


I realised that I was trying to convince my own off-spring of the very thing I spend my life fighting against. 


Rules run deep for us, 


We spend so long trying to find them or add them that we lose the fun and the flexibility or often,


the ability to act at all. 


As children as we get bored we change the rules,


as more people want to join in we change the rules,


as the game gets frustrating we change the rules. 


We are learning to discover what makes the game more fun and

what stops the game working properly. 


We are learning to experiment in order to get as much from the

situation as we can. 


I find this very issue with clients who want to lose weight.


They come from having read so many people's rules, 


people who fear the game is too simple so they over complicate... 


They take on so many of them that they have a game that leaves no room life inside it. 


It's amazing what happens when you get them back to just one

fundamental rule. 


You must eat real food. 


From there it's up to you.


Your game your rules 



It changes everything, we get back to realising that most rules were designed to suit someone else's game and we simply don't need them. 


Ed Ley