Are you okay?

I'm one of you. 

You had an ok day
and an ok weekend. 
Your diet is ok.
Your fitness is ok. 
You slept ok. 
Business is ok. 
The book you're reading, it's ok. 
The new top you bought on the weekend, it's nice. 
Your coffee ok. 
Your dinner ok.
Your house ok. 
Your car ok.
Your income ok.
You sex life ok. 
You caught the Glastonbury line up, it looked ok. 
Your job has its ups and downs but on balance it's ok. 

You'd be forgiven for thinking that you're doing something wrong if everything's ok. Because social media tries to make us put JUST or ONLY in front of ok. 

You must be excited, delirious, overwhelmed, stoked, super super happy, crapping sunshine and rainbows. 

Or the other end, anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, lost, confused, searching for answers, suffering a painful existence. 

In a world that only pays attention to the extremes to be ok could seem like you've taken a wrong turn. 

You read ADD, ADHD, Insomnia, gluten intolerant, Anxiety, cut poisonous toxic people out of your world, don't let others damped your light or don't listen to the naysayers and Impossible is nothing and you think... 

Wow, I see none of these things, where's all of my drama? 

I'm with you, it's ok to be ok. 

Ok is base, ok isn't normal, it isn't average it's fine, it's the goal, it's the holy grail that the pursuit of happiness has tricked the world into overlooking. It is today, the least crowded space. 

Without residence in ok there is nothing else. 

No awesome, no orgasm, no win, no lose, no up , no down, no outstanding, no incredible, no miraculous, no sadness, no pain, no disgusting, no inhuman, no insane. 

You cannot know one until you know the other and the space in-between. 

You cannot describe what it is to breathe air any more than a fish can describe water or someone experiencing permanent happiness or sadness can describe their state. To live in excitement is to never experience excitement. 

Depression isn't the presence of negative emotion, it's is suppression of all emotion. 

It's is as much the neighbour of sadness as is the constant pursuit of happiness. 

If you're ok. 

You win. 

Your living a life of 5 allows you to lose -5 today and win +5 tomorrow and still be ok. 

It's ok not to be ok
but if you're not ok
the only reason
you're not ok is
you didn't know
that its not just
ok to be ok
It's awesome 

Stay ok folks

Ed Ley