I had a very exciting meeting this morning with lots of potential

It'll go somewhere although where I'm not sure yet so I'll keep quiet for now. 

I sat and I wrote this morning of my plans for life - My Edflix programme and my 1-2-1 coaching included of course. 

What it always comes back to is sucking the juice out of life. Really enjoying the people and the experience around me. 

It's so easy to approach goal setting with an idea of finally being happy when we achieve it. 

What this brings us is an unhappy journey - from my perspective what I'm saying is 

"Work with me so I can be happy." 

Whose gonna sign up for that? 

There is a balance with goal setting and that is what would I LOVE to do that will also create the growth I want. 

There's a lot of power in the question;

What would make this more fun?

But there is a secret third part... 

You've written your plan, it has growth, it's fun, you're not motivated to get started, you are genuinely inspired! 

What's next is the hard part. 

Avoiding being influenced. 

It's estimated that we are advertised to 10,000 times per day. 

That's not to mention the influence of every interaction. 

The disapproving look, the recommendation of a friend, the encouragement to try something else from a loved one. 

Influences are endless. 

Subsequently we write our exciting life plan only to be derailed from it a week later...


Because 'the plan', what ever it is is HARD WORK 

... and the shinny thing 

It's just sat there shining 

It's like the model that you compare to your relationship. 

It glitters, but it's not gold. 

You already have the gold. 

But there is no escaping the work.

So write your plan. 

Then stay the course, for 6 months. 

Only then can you say it didn't work, but if you set it up right you'll have enjoyed the process either way. 

Win win

Ed Ley 

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