I walked into a gym today...

I walked into a gym today, walked up to the admin team and said. 

"Hey, I'm Ed" 

I told them a quick story about me and ended it with... 

"I'm looking for a fun project to get involved with, what are you working on?" 

What I learned from owning a business is that jobs are rare but opportunities are plenty. 

Ask for a job and you'll turn around and walk straight back out of the door. 

Ask what puzzles they're currently working on and show them that you're excited to help fix them and opportunities will start to emerge. 

Which is good, because I don't want a job, I want a puzzle... 

Whether something emerges or not I can't control... 


I asked myself a question. 
I answer the question.
I imagined the process. 
I actioned it. 

Connecting was my NYR 

The result isn't up to me, but I can repeat that process until I get what I want. 

I have another meeting tomorrow.

Before it I will sit in a coffee shop for two hours and write. 

I will imagine what life is like in 6 months from now in small detail. 

Then just like I've done a thousand times with nutrition and exercise plans for clients... 

I will write out the daily actions that I most want to do that will also move me towards the 'result' I want in 6 months time. 

Some of it won't happen, 
some stuff will happen that I didn't anticipate, some even better stuff I couldn't have imagined will pop up, 
some stuff that will appear shiny will try and tempt me off course with an easy short term win. 

But imagination followed by action is what separates us from animals. 

It's what allows us to change our futures and to set our course. 

... and at present I know of no better way to achieve the things in life that I want to than to move it from dream to goal to action steps all written out on paper.