Instant Stress reduction

I use these for all sorts of things, I even use some of them to warm me up for exercise. 

Injections, athletic competition, presentations, interviews, deadline pressure, important calls and a hundred and one other things.

The brain senses a threat, first in the amygdala then the hypothalamus. 

Stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline are released. 

Tunnel vision follows, 
Hearing becomes sensitive,
Heart rate increases, 
The body starts shaking, 
Pupils dilate, 
Muscle tighten,
Mouth goes dry,
Digestion slows. 

Fear or anxiety are likely present. 

Myself and my clients have used the following one or all to loosen the grip of 'threat' enough to more calmly proceed. 

1. Breathe deeply into your stomach through your nose, huh the air out in one blast though your mouth. repeat x 10
2. Open up your vision to take in everything. Look as far and wide as you can. Go to a window, get outside, the more you can take in the better. 
3. Place your hands on your head. Slowly and gently touch every point on your body like you're having a shower. 
4. Speak your emotion out loud. Say I'm feeling x. Only then is your brain free to find a solution. 
5. Listen to rhythmical music. 
6. Walk for 10 minutes or more. 

None of it is magic. Just as the brain senses perceive threats which create a nervous system response it also senses perceived safety and responds accordingly. 

Deep breathing, open sight, touching, rhythmic movements, rhythmical sounds, speaking your fears - they are all acts of a safe person. 

So act and your body will follow. 

Don't just read. Try one. Or all.

Ed Ley

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