​Imagine you have a gun to your head

Literally, you are stood face to face with a person pointing a gun at you.

Your brain and nervous system immediately switch you into survival mode.

Based on your competencies, capacities, beliefs and environment you will be looking to fight, flight or freeze. A decision made unconsciously and instantly.

From a neuroscience perspective you lack the ability to predict what will happen or know how you will respond.

Uncertainty has caused your primitive brain to take control in order to make you as reactive as possible in order to give you the best odds of survival.

This is a very useful ability to have, without it the human race would not be here today.

Now, move away from this scenario and into your childhood.

Imagine how many times you were thrown into a similar state and imagine all of the crazy things that sent you there.

My daughter completely lost control the other day because I didn’t quite understand what she said.

Each moment of disconnection, each perception of judgment, each feeling of threat is wired into our memory in order to protect us from future dangers at the slightest indication.

A word, a facial expression, a feeling in the body, an item of clothing, a place, a phrase, a tone of voice absolutely anything could be a trigger.

Our brains are filled with uncertainties that direct us towards what’s known, safe and comfortable - even if it kills us, makes us poor or moves us in the exact opposite direction of our dream life.

Imagine though if you started to build certainty.

Imagine if you started to locate and destroy each of the little mis-perception.

Imagine if you started to build principles that would help you recognise those fake gunmen and move towards and through them.

Life would suddenly become an adventure of moving towards the goals you set for yourself with clarity and direction and focus.

Imagine applying that to your company?

When we stop trying to work against our brains with force and will power and battle and start working with our brains, life starts changing for the better very fast.

All you need to do is locate the breaks and release them in a structured, systematic and principle focused way.