I could be considered by some to be bit lazy.

If someone asks if I’m up for a mega challenge business, fitness, health or otherwise the answer is invariably no.

Scratch that, HELL NO

I love my life.

I’m not looking to jump from a plane, do an iron man or even race to take over the business world.

I never have been.

Not that there is anything wrong with any of those things or that they won’t one day happen.

I think the social media push for adrenaline inducing goals is fine of course although for most I think it’s something else.

Perhaps fear of inadequacy

The need for adrenaline to feel anything due to over stimulation.

The desire to have done something to prove they are ready for something they are in fact not.

Most new marathon runner quit afterwards due to pain.

Many people who achieved early business success disappear into a job with bankruptcy debt.

Basically everyone who ever tried a new diet fails - like 94% or something.

For the most part if you look hard enough at the overnight successes you’ll see years of stead work and incremental improvement.

We have a tendency to see an amazing change in someone and automatically assume a radical overhaul has happened.

Neuroscience tells us though that all learning has to attach to a story already existing in the brain.

This basically means that the more radical the change the less likely it is to stick.

Funny then that it’s always the radical change we reach for. It’s basically the worst formula for long term change there is.

Our brains deceive us constantly.

Rather than being a rational act the overhaul is most often a cry for help. A fight or flight response designed to escape a life that’s often pretty awesome with a couple of things we’d like to change blurring the rest of it.

There are these little things though, tiny nudges that almost always create a tipping point or a change that appears radical to outsiders.

Tracking is one of them - just recording what you are already doing in the area you wish to change.  Pearson’s law I think it is- look it up.

Telling the truth of what you are going through to someone is another. - it’s sets you FREE (see all religious texts)

Putting everything that’s important to you in your diary is another. Like exercise, family time. It just raises the level of importance because that’s what a diary is, a list of important stuff, and your brain knows it.

There are others, lots and they are all so simple that we over look them.

So if you’re considering an overhaul in some area of your life or indeed all of it. Put your lazy hat on and ask

What’s the smallest change I can make that will have the biggest impact.

The chances are that you love most of the stuff in your life already, a 1% shift might bring all of that into focus.