We were stood on a beach in Denmark when we whimsically decided to move to here

We've had enough conversations to know what our dream life would look like. 

We were working towards it in Bristol, a process equally as fun as living it but we realised we perhaps had the opportunity to reverse engineer it. 

So the dream was there, we enjoyed over the next few days really colouring it in and getting quite specific. 

The next step was working out how much it would cost. 

Bills, the place we would like to live, schooling, international travel, food, tax, savings, we priced everything up based on what we could find out and our current bills.

We reached a figure and added 20% to be on the safe side. 

The reverse engineering made everything seem so much more achievable. 

We put aside 1 years worth of this figure and then got on with untethering ourselves from Bristol life. Probably the most stressful 3 months of both of our lives but I've talked about that enough. 

We are now going about the process of building our dream businesses with our dream clients and really enjoying the process. 

I thought the above might help someone who is wondering how to go about creating a huge change. 

Phase one is having a dream that excites you.

Phase two is price it up.

You'll be amazed how much your dream life actually costs. 

It will make it all seem much more manageable I promise. 

Ed Ley 

Ps living the dream does not mean relaxing all the time, not getting stressed, not getting caught up in the day to day, not working your arse off. 

It just means, I chose this, this is exactly what I want for my life at the moment and I am willing to do what it takes to live it.