Because things never go to plan

It's a beautiful morning here, we have come up to our little house up on the north coast. 

We came up after school Friday and we head back today to do social things. 

Annabelle got up with me at 6:30am and we took Rex out for a walk. 

There is a strong wind blowing that is carrying with it a not so subtle clue as to what a Danish winter might feel like. 

*Repeat: there no such thing as bad weather Just inappropriate clothing. 

This is amazing but it's not my perfect start to the day. 

I like to meditate, I like to do 10 minutes movement, I like to do 5 minutes writing (more on these another time). 

I have my best days when I do these things. 

I've always had this thing where if plans are changed last minute I get frustrated and annoyed and it makes my day worse. 

Then I sort of realised that that's life, what I was doing was allowing a thing that will likely happen daily to dictate my happiness.

Like road rage or getting upset about traffic, it only makes YOUR day worse and for no reason at all. 

That's pretty much the definition of madness. 

The difficultly with saying 

"I have my best days when I do these things".

Is that at the same time I'm saying, 

"Today isn't going to be as good" - When I don't do these things. 

That's the madness thing again. 

So I asked, 

what do those things do for my that make my life better? 

They allow me to be myself more of the time and be less reactive. 

They allow me to live my values. 

If that sounds woo woo it's not, it just means,

I pay attention better.
I listen better.
I'm proactive not re-active. 
I'm patient
I'm less governed by impulse. 

When I know their purpose I can focus on their purpose through the day, I can spend that 30 minute dog walk focusing on what or who I'm being. 

and that's the only reason we do anything, so we can BE not so we can do. 

Once we've got that down, it doesn't matter so much what we are doing. 

Ed Ley 

Ps to confirm, walking the 🐶 with Annabelle is one of my favourite things to do, I just aim to do it after day 'prep' but the point of the day prep is so that I can get the most out of those moments. 

Like the best way to get the most out of bacon is to cook it before eating. 

PPs how do you like to prepare for your day? What gives you the best shot at being you all day?