It was about 18 years ago on day time TV

Paul McKenna had 4 obese people in his get slim programme and had taken them to a greasy spoon. 

This was like some form of torture for the contestants... 

Until they learned that they were actually going to be allow to partake of the forbidden fruit. 

Only blindfolded. 

When I think about it now it was one of the first times I learned that life isn't about what we are doing but who we are being while doing. 

Two things happen that came as quite a shock to the contestants. 

Firstly, very few of them managed to eat little more that half of what they all considered a standard breakfast. 

Secondly, many of the foods they left because they didn't enjoy the taste or texture. 

It's amazing how reality is so often an illusion.

The labels we place on things, 
The stories we place on things,

They often override the actual experience, 

We so easily forget to pause and ask,

Is that true? 

This is delicious - is that true?
I'm hungry - is that true? 
I can't - is that true?
I'm overwhelmed- is that true? 
I can't cope - is that true? 
I need X - is that true? 

Lose the label, 
Ask the question, 

And the truth will set you free.