The bed time story that became a physical nightmare

I was laying down reading a bed time story to my oldest daughter when it happened, or rather didn’t happen. I tried to get up and my back just wouldn’t let me. I felt like I was paralysed.

This predicament, given that I owned a gym with therapists, personal trainers, physio’s and was an injury and exercise professional in my own right, made me laugh out loud.

If I’m honest I think I’d fallen into the trap of being the enterprise entrepreneur I thought I should be being. I was focusing on business growth. Taking on new staff, opening a new premises, doing corporate events and generally expanding.

I was still exercising and eating well and all that. What I hadn’t counted on was the nervous system response to being “on” for so long. 

I was in my 4th year of 70 plus hour weeks and my body was not getting what it needed. Evidently. 

Leaps forward are almost always catalysed by pain, this time for me quite literally.

This experience was not the only thing I had going on. I was also regularly getting cold like symptoms and head aches. Nothing that I would have said bothered me at the time but it really did.

When I was younger I was annoyed and in denial of my poor health symptoms like asthma and Eczema but I’ve finally reached a place where I see them as opportunities.

This time around I created my nervous system protocol for nutrition and recovery that fixed both my back pain and my other systems as well as massively improving my mental performance.


I learn, I fix myself, I refine, I help empower others to fix themselves through my systems.

I have built over the years, mostly beginning from my own pains and struggles a series of systems for body and mind.

A brain protocol

a nervous system protocol

a digestion protocol

a lymphatic protocol

a movement protocol

a sleep protocol

a body alignment protocol 


I have learned that a diagnosis is rarely helpful. To point to a “local” reason for pain or mental or physical challenges often results in missing things more than it does to help remove the thing or start looking, feeling and performing how we wish to.

Or to look at it another way, the symptom is always a piece of a larger problem that should we ignore we will continue to be visited by symptom after symptom until the dam breaks in a real way.

I have learned that if I simply test for things out of alignment with evolution or in the body or mind, if bought back into alignment it not only removes the current ailment but many other things improve dramatically. 

For all the knowledge I’ve taken from college and university and from all the many courses and books I’ve read - it is experience and largely personal experience that I apply and learn the most from. 

Granted much of the experience is the implementation of the knowledge but implementation transforms knowledge into something else entirely.

We see knowledge as creating our experience but so often limits it and restricts it or sends us in the wrong direction entirely. 

We trust our feelings too little when it’s feelings and experiences we are seeking. It is our feelings that hold ultimate truth.

And the truth shall set you free.