Dear Human Focussed Business Leader

Don’t quit. You are desperately needed.

I see you bending over backwards to create an environment where others thrive.

I see you carry the stress of others discontent as if it’s yours.

I see you carry that stress home where it eats away at your family.

I see you medicating with alcohol and staying awake to push tomorrow further away.

I see you holding your phone close for fear you’ll miss something and the ball will be dropped.

I see you considering jacking it all in for a simpler more connected and present life.

I’d understand if you did, truly I would.

But we are on the edge of a massive shift.

People want to do work that matters.

People no longer want work life balance, they want harmony, they want to be a member of a tribe that is making a difference.

They want trust, freedom and respect.

They want their work to be a creative expression of who they are.

It is time for those who see all humans as equal to lead.

It is time for those who can see that current competence or understanding shouldn’t change how you’re spoken to.

The end to the superior intellect theory of leadership is here.

Hiring, firing, competency conversations, performance conversations, teaching communication, creating culture, skill development, human development these are tasks you were born to do...

But they are being handed to the tough talker, the disciplinarian, the one unaffected by the arguments and the push back.

And soon, very soon, great people will start walking away from the companies that do this.

In truth it’s already started. The most highly skilled individuals who know their worth are walking away in their droves.

They are looking for people like YOU who are ready to lead.

If you are ready to lead. If you want to stop using your gifts against yourself creating low energy and stress and instead use them to create a company where the best are desperate to work.

Reach out and say, I think you are talking about me.

Text me on 53 78 12 46


Ed Ley

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