Be ruthless

but with your time not with people. 

Be driven
but by what make you smile not by what society say you should want. 

Be decisive
But use joy not success or money as your decision making tool. 

Be committed
But to what's working for you and to dropping what isn't. 

Be strong
But know that strength is to accept and experience your emotions not suppress them. 

Be forgiving
But don't think that means you have to keep poisonous people in your world.

Be kind.
But know that that includes you and people you don't see eye to eye with. 

Be inspired.
But know that motivation and inspiration are opposites.

Be determined
But determined to find what works for you not determined to stick with a journey you hate, it will never have a happy ending. 

Be funny.
But don't think that means to point out the flaws in others. 

Be disciplined
But know that doesn't mean to punish yourself but rather to commit to do the things that will get you what you desire and do them first. 

Be helpful
But know that in most cases you cannot help someone who doesn't ask for it. 

Be courageous
But know that sometimes you'll fall flat on your face- that's ok.

Be opinionated
But know that doesn't mean to not accept that there may be more than one answer.

Be patient.
We are all still learning

Be truthful
But accept that your truth might not be anybody else's. 

But know that not everyone will like that, that's ok too. 

Be awesome.
You are the only you the world will ever see. 

Ed Ley