Moving to Denmark and Practical altruism

So 90% of the stuff we want to keep has been sent to Denmark, we have 10% to try and squeeze into suit cases. 

Then we have all the practical things that you need to live. 

Beds, wardrobes, sofa, dining table, kitchen stuff, dining stuff, bathroom stuff. 

Basically show home goods. 

Our plan was to sell all of this stuff in the last week before we go as it costs more to ship than replace. 

Then an opportunity came up. 

An opportunity to give all of our stuff away in one go and fully furnish a house for someone.

Without going into detail there is a young family that have had a seriously rough time and have nothing. 

I wasn't going to tell you about this, I don't know why. I think when you do a good deed you sort of lose the altruism when you tell people about it. 

Then I figured I might start a pay it forward sort of thing if I was to tell you so there we are.

There are also some practical benefits like getting everything out of our house in one go with help. 

A big stress reduction given that we leave Monday week and still have a lot to do. 

Although I think we always add a logic story after an emotional led decision is made. 

The truth is, we did it because we could. 

We did it because it will have more value to this family than it does to us. 

In a practical sense it will change their lives but in reality they'd have got stuff eventually. 

It's not really about the stuff. 

It's about restoring faith in humanity for someone who has lost it. 

It's about giving someone direct proof that they matter. 

And that is basically all any human needs carry on. 

And this is the most practical altruism that any of us can practise. 

Acknowledging people who aren't often acknowledged. 

Smiling first. 

Showing an interest in people. 

People who feel like they matter make a contribution to the world.

People who feel like they matter don't deliberately hurt other people.

People who feel like they matter show other people that they matter. 

Why not start today, 
Show more people that they matter,
Grand gestures not required,
Just words, smiles, curiosity, and interest. 

Why is this practical? 

Because it makes you feel awesome and it make the world a better place, 
why else are we here?

Ed Ley