I hate networking

Today is a big day, we are meeting Annabelle's new school friends and their parents in a park in Copenhagen. 

I'm not really a big fan of social events, I don't enjoy large gatherers. 

This will likely be revelatory to many of my friends who likely would have said the complete opposite about me if asked. 

I am an introvert whose pretty good and playing extrovert, outstanding in fact if I've had a few drinks. 

If it's a large group of people I know well and love then again I really enjoy this, booze or no booze... 

But groups of strangers and small talk is my least favourite way to spend my time. 

I guess that's why a tend to work 1-2-1
Although I enjoy presenting this is different again, no small talk, just story telling. 

You see we don't know anyone in Denmark so this is our chance to mingle and make some adult connections. 

There is a study by Dan Ariely where they placed a guy on a plane for a long haul flight. 

He had two briefs. 

The first:

One way he was to spark up conversation with the person next to him but reveal no facts about his life.

The second:

The return leg he was to give as much information about himself as possible. 

After several trips the passengers were interviewed. Those who experienced the second method said they had a nice chat but could remember no facts about the man. 

Those who sat next to the first version reported having the most interesting conversation of their lives. 

Let people talk about themselves and they'll remember you and fondly.

So my goal today is to collect stories, gain as much information as I can. 

If you're nervous, find a way to make it a game. 

It works for kids
It works for adults  

Ed Ley