Change environment and change your life

We have just arrived at the holiday house which is pretty exciting.

Changing environments has been really big for me. 

More creative, more relaxed, more productive, it even helps to move away from patterns of thought that I can sometimes get stuck in which does wonders for procrastination. 

We have arrived about an hours earlier than we normally do and with significantly less stress. 

The stress was of our own choosing of course. 

We choose that we needed to be there before a certain time. 

We chose that pressure at this end was preferable to the stress of getting the girls to bed on time at the other end. 

We chose that getting them to bed on time at the other end was better than the stress of them being tired and sleeping in late... 

Which is better than... 
which is better than...
which is better than... 

The point is that our stressors are always our choice. 

If we don't like the stressor we have chosen we can adjust the recipe until we end up with one that works best for us. 

For us it was packing the car the night before when time pressures we at their lowest, no racing and rushing of the girls required. 

A simple example but it works for everything. 

The work has to be done if you want the result but how you do it is almost always changeable. 

If something is stressful, change the recipe or bless it, you chose it. 

Ed Ley

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