If she reads this in 10 years time I'll likely be in a world of trouble...

Yesterday, riddled with Chicken pox, Sophia wandered distracted around the house trying to work out what to play with...

and I got to work. 

She has taken to emptying every toy they own on to their bedroom floor and then walking away. 

Yesterday I started throwing things away. 

I'd already 'lost' a lot in the move but I went one step further. Anything that wasn't obviously needed for the 'game'. 

Anything that didn't obviously connect. Any of those little trinkets you somehow accumulate. 

All of those clothes that barbie claims to love but never seems to wear...

All out. 

I'm calling it phase one, phase two is slowly halving the numbers of toys. 

I try not to think about 'Toy Story' during the cull. 

Even half way through the tidying, as soon as things started looking organised,

Sophia sat down and started to play. 

We are information junkies. 

We constantly collect information, we read book after book, we have 20 tabs open, we scroll on social media. 

We consume with the intent to implement not realising that it's the excess of information that leads to action paralysis. 

Most of what I share is designed to create action and habit and inspiration rather share information... 

I do this because my goal is to create implementation junkies because its most people goal to be that too... 

I've had 5 calls this week with NED's struggling with just one thing... 

Getting leadership teams to do what they say they'll do. 

Our greatest challenge in life seems to not be in knowing what to do but in consistently doing what we said would do.  

This remains our greatest challenge because the tool we most often choose for the job, willpower is the wrong tool. 

In the same way that taking a hammer to a screw causes more problems that is fixes, constantly hoping that today will be the day that the will power system will work is fool proof system for teaching the brain to consistently fail.  


There is a better way, a much better way but the truth is that most people don't want to do the work.  Which is fine of course.  We'll all keep hammering away hoping that one day the will power will work or better still, we'll find the magic formula.  

The truth is though, that freedom is an inside job. 

Ed Ley

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